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Frequently Asked Questions

How should I light my video?

Try to make sure that you have enough light in your video so that you can be clearly seen.

Here are some lighting tips if you’d like to improve your set up:

  • Use some sort of directional lamp (a desk lamp, a clamp utility lamp) and place it about 4 feet in front of you. LED bulbs are best as they don’t generate much heat.
  • To soften the light a bit you can pull a white plastic garbage bag over the front of the lamp to soften and diffuse the light. Only do this with LED bulbs because incandescent bulbs generate too much heat and may melt the plastic.
  • Try to use a plain background so that you’re clear in your video. Most importantly, please ensure that your face is centrally located in your video.
  • Please ensure that you don’t have any screens or ceiling fans in the background of your videos.