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Join The Choir

Submissions for Virtual Choir 6 closed on May 22, 2020. This page is for reference only.

Let’s do it! Here is all you need to learn “Sing Gently” and join Virtual Choir 6: sheet music, guide tracks and tools to help you learn, practice, record your video and upload your submission.

1 Create Your Account

Everyone is welcome!

If you are under 18 years of age, please sign up in the presence of your parent or legal guardian as they will be required to provide information for your account and agree to the Terms & Conditions.

We process your personal data as stated in our Privacy Policy.

2 Learn The Music

Hey gang,

Before we begin, know that when you send us your “Sing Gently” submission, your voice and video will join others from around the world in the Virtual Choir 6 film. You may choose to post your recording on social media or share it with others, but your voice will never be heard on its own on this site or posted by us ‘solo’ elsewhere; it will be used as part of the Virtual Choir. Everyone can submit one video to VC6 (soprano, alto, tenor or bass) even if you have the range to sing more than one. Choose which feels the most natural and comfortable for your voice. Note that the bass part splits into two, so pick the higher or lower part to suit your range.

Download Sheet Music

On this video you can watch me conduct “Sing Gently” and hear the audio guide track. We recorded (remotely!) four of the incredible Eric Whitacre Singers – Grace Davidson, Martha McLorinan, Ben Hymas and Greg Skidmore – and Sam Glicklich from The Colburn School recorded the piano part.

You’ll notice that I encourage you to clap once before the piano begins to play. That’s to give us a reference point to edit the audio and video with the same start point, synchronizing all the recordings. You can ignore the clap when you rehearse but be sure to use the conductor track for your recording so that you include the clap at the same time as me and stay in time with the other performers.

If you’d like to listen to rehearse or record with the conductor video accompanied by a different guide track e.g. your voice part highlighted (louder in the mix) or your part only, please go to the Virtual Choir 6 YouTube Channel.

All these audio recordings are available to listen or download from SoundCloud.

I’ve also created a video that shares some important performance and singing notes for “Sing Gently” – rehearsal notes – so that we achieve a unified sound and sing together as one.

If you have questions, check out the FAQ as many are answered here, or go to the Official Virtual Choir 6 Facebook Group.

Good luck and thank you!


3 Record Your Video

To record your video you will need two devices: one device to watch the conductor video and another device to record your performance. You can use any combination of a desktop or laptop computer, a tablet and/or a smartphone. You will need to wear headphones so that you can listen to the guide track whilst singing but only your voice is recorded. You can used wired or wireless headphones. Make sure it’s just you in the video – Virtual Choir 6 invites individual submissions.

How to create your recording space

  1. If possible, please record your video in front of plain wall or other plain background.
  2. Please choose clothing without patterns or logos.
  3. If you can, record in a quiet room with the door closed to reduce unnecessary noise. Turn off fans, heaters or anything that hums or is noisy.
  4. Please make sure your face is brightly lit. Use whatever lamps or natural light you have available to achieve this.
  5. If you have a tripod mount for your phone/camera please use it or secure your camera in some other way to minimize movement.

How to record your video

  1. If you are using a smartphone, turn it to silent so your recording isn’t interrupted by a message or call.
  2. Please record your video horizontally. Visit our FAQ for help.
  3. Connect your headphones to the device you’re using to watch and listen to the conductor video or guide track.
  4. Set-up and secure your second device to record your video. Make sure you record horizontally (landscape) and that your face is centered in the middle of the screen.
  5. Remember the singing tips Eric shared on YouTube. Need a reminder? Watch the video on YouTube.
  6. If possible, please set your device to create an MP4 in 720p. Most smartphones create MP4s automatically and you can amend the resolution in your settings. If you need help recording and/or compressing your video, please visit our FAQ.
  7. Start recording on your device and then press play on the conductor video. Make sure you clap at exactly the same time as Eric before you start singing. This is very important as it will help us to sync your final audio and video.
  8. Please wait for approximately four counts (in your head!) after you finish singing before you stop recording.
  9. Save your video.
  10. Review your video and if you’re happy with your performance, move onto Step 4: Upload.

If you have encountered any challenges, have any questions, or want to share ideas, please join our Official Virtual Choir 6 Facebook Group where a wonderful community of past and present Virtual Choir members will be happy to help.

4 Upload Your Video

Congratulations on recording your video for Virtual Choir 6!

Before you upload your video, please ensure that your video file is either an MP4 or MPEG4 (preferred), .MOV, .WMV or .AVI file. We request that your video is no larger than 200MB and if possible, you use a compression tool to reduce the size of your file.

Please remember you can only submit one video to VC6 so ensure it’s your best take. Once your video has been submitted, it can’t be deleted or replaced.

Once you’re ready, head to the Upload Page to submit your video.

Upload Your Video

5 What’s Next

  • Congratulate yourself on learning the new piece and submitting your recording! You can download your Virtual Choir 6 Certificate from Your Profile.
  • You’re welcome to upload your video to YouTube/Vimeo/Facebook/Instagram to share with others. We will only ever use your recording within the Virtual Choir 6 film.
  • If you haven’t done so already, join the Official Virtual Choir 6 Facebook Group created so that you can meet other singers. They may live nearby or 10,000 miles away, but we’ve all come together as one in “Sing Gently”.
  • Head to the ThinkTank and try some of the vocal warm-ups to keep your voice in shape before you return to making music with others again. How we have all missed that. ThinkTank has singing tips, live sessions, interviews with composers, performers and other extraordinarily interesting and talented individuals.
  • Look out for the premiere date when Virtual Choir 6 will go live. We will send you an email to confirm the date and time as soon as we can.