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Frequently Asked Questions

What do you do with all the money earned from The Virtual Choir?

Eric’s Virtual Choirs usually include thousands of singers and that means that the technical and creative challenge is significant.   There is no charge to singers to join the Virtual Choir and it can be viewed on YouTube by anyone who would like to watch it. We always seek to raise some money to help us pay the costs involved: the designer, site builder, data management and servers; sound engineers to clean-up, synch, edit and master;  video team to crop, synch and build a creative.   We never know how many entries we will receive, so creating a budget is challenging. Our goal is always to work with partners who help to meet some of these costs.  Eric and Music Productions commit to covering the balance.  Some of that balance is recouped by a small income stream through digital service providers and low-level advertising on YouTube. With one track it takes a lot of streams to make a very small amount of money!